Four years ago, I decided to make Nanaimo BC my new home. Raised on fresh air and glacier views in the Comox Valley, I was anxious to get back to my island roots. I decided to make the initial move to the island, relocating my home and family, and then worry about relocating my career later. 

Finding high-tech work in Nanaimo proved to be a tougher challenge than I expected: Perfect opportunities seemed to pop up when I was already committed to other projects and when I was available, a suitable role wasn't there. Four years and hundreds of ferry trips later, I was still commuting every week to the Lower Mainland or Victoria for work. 

As my last contract in Vancouver neared completion, I became committed to finding work in Nanaimo. Then it hit me .... maybe I don't need one perfect long-term position, maybe I need many small, short-term gigs: IT Freelancing! Instead of waiting for the right job to find me, I need to get out there, network, meet the business community and make work happen for myself. 

IT work is traditionally performed by an employee or contractor so my approach may be viewed as unconventional. However, when you consider that so many other aspects of technology are now delivered "as-a-service" (software, infrastructure, platforms, security, e-commerce), why not deliver Business Analysis / Business Intelligence as-a-Service?
Affordable.  On-demand.  Flexible.  Local. 

That's my story and now I want to learn about you! Let's start with a Tech Walk.

It's good to be home.