Skills and Experience

Brenda Shuttleworth has 18 years of experience as an IT Professional. She has worked both as an employee and a contractor for numerous high-profile companies and clients.

Industry experience includes:

  • BC Provincial Government (Healthcare, Education, Tourism, Film)
  • Transportation
  • Retail
  • Non-profit

Companies and Clients:


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Business / Systems Analysis

From System Administration to Business Analysis, Brenda is a very technical analyst, with a deep understanding of systems from a data-driven perspective. She has worked as a system admin for Service Desk tools and as a BA/BSA for Infrastructure, Finance, and ERP Systems. 

Business Intelligence (Reports, ETL, KPIs)

Brenda has been working as a BI developer since 2008, primarily with Microsoft's BI Suite of products: SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and SQL Server in Kimball-architected data warehouses. She is also proficient with Cognos, Crystal Reports and Excel-based BI tools. Additionally, she has working knowledge of Tableau, MicroStrategy, Informatica and the DBA skill set. Her strongest BI skills are ETL and Reports. 

Website / Blog Setup

Brenda will be happy to coach you through the creation of your online profile, encouraging you to develop the skills needed to maintain it yourself. She has used Drupal, ModX and raw HTML to build sites but her preferred platform is WordPress. Currently, she is dabbling in the world of Shopify and has just rebuilt Coastal Insights on this best-selling e-commerce platform. 

Software Implementation

Brenda has worked with many clients on new software implementations, system upgrades and enhancements. As an Implementation Analyst, the key is to focus on the impact of change to business process owners and the system users. Most recently, she supported TransLink on the K2 Refactoring Project - to retire legacy e-forms and workflows, replacing them with upgraded e-forms, workflows, new interface, new platform and improved processes. 

Solution Requirements

For the Business Analyst, everything in a project revolves around requirements. By collecting, documenting, negotiating, validating, tracking and delivering according to the specified requirements, the BA is busy from ramp-up to close-out. Brenda has been a BA on many projects including:

  • TransLink's Real-Time-Transit Information "Next Bus" Project
  • MAXIMUS' Printer Fleet optimization Project
  • CHC's Salesforce Data Warehouse Project
  • Top Producer's Cognos > Microsoft BI tools replacement Project
With a background in the Canadian theatre, she has experience working with shoestring budgets and is happy to support your small venture, especially if you are bringing art, culture and compassion to our community. 

Database (design, SQL, upgrades, migration)

Brenda has extensive experience working with database technologies, including designing and building relational and dimensional schemas. In 2000, she started working with SQL Server, data transformations, conversions and migrations. In addition to SQL Server, she has experience with DB2, APEX(Oracle), MySQL, MS Access, Filemaker Pro and geodatabases.

Vendor Analysis

With so many IT solutions to choose from, finding the right fit for your business and budget can be an overwhelming task. The frustrating part is that it takes many hours of research before you have something to show for your efforts. The trick is to narrow your search down to 3 or 4 options and find a way to compare "apples to apples".  The vendors don't make this easy for you, confusion seems like it's part of the selling strategy. Brenda can recommend Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) solutions using open-source or pay-as-you-go plans. 

ITIL - based Support Systems

Brenda is ITIL Foundations certified. From Service Management to Business Continuity (including Disaster Recovery), Brenda uses an ITIL-based skill set when approaching operational IT service delivery. She was the Service Desk Team Lead for the implementation of BC Ministry of Education's K-12 student information system (2005 to 2008). In recent years, she has facilitated Change Advisory Board (CAB) meetings and has been a Release Manager for Infrastructure upgrades and software fixes/enhancements. 

Process Engineering (workflows, ERP systems)

At the root of all systems is data. Brenda's expertise is tied to BI and databases but without processes that create good quality data, there are no usable insights for you to view your business' achievements, challenges and bottlenecks. Brenda has worked with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Supply Chain systems, maintenance-repair-overhaul (MRO) systems and Workflow Management systems. Sometimes the business goal is improved efficiency/streamlining, business continuity, cost-savings or business insights. Brenda will dig into the details to find out what's working for you or against you in your business.

Scrum Master

A Scrum Master is critical to the success of adopting an agile Project Management Methodology. The Scrum Master removes any road-blocks getting in the way of the teams' work. Brenda has worked as part of an agile team since 2008 including the Scrum Master role. While you may not need (or can afford) a full-time Scrum Master, Brenda could work with you on a recurring, part-time basis to organize your project's work sprints, write User Stories and track your team's velocity via cloud-based agile software. 

Project / Event Planning

Before starting her career in IT, Brenda was the Race Director for the Banff-Calgary Road Race (1998). Skills and lessons learned in this challenging role have transferred well into IT as Incident, Change and Release planning and management. Team leadership, vendor liaison and stress management skills were also learned through this experience. She is a meticulous planner and can recommend cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools to get you to the finish line of your event or project. 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

A lifelong learner, Brenda is working towards an Advanced Diploma in GIS Applications through the online ADGISA Program at Vancouver Island University. 

Brenda will merge her existing IT toolkit with new GIS skills in the career path of Data Scientist.