Your business, organization or event can benefit from ordering IT Services "on demand" without the cost of investing in a full-time technical team or IT Specialist. 

Even a small-scale sole proprietorship or non-profit needs to be supported with core technologies: Website or blog, customer relationship management strategy, marketing, sales, support and productivity tools.

Coastal Insights IT Services takes an innovative approach to serving the Island community by: 

  • Establishing recurring touchpoints (e.g. Tech Walks) to meet and stay connected with clients. 
  • Allocating sufficient time to work on long-term projects and contracts.
  • Freelancing on short-term projects when available.

With neither of us in a "committed" work relationship, you are able to order technical services a la carte while I am able to define a work schedule that fits my life, priorities and responsibilities.

Let's connect soon, 


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