Gear Talk – virtual meeting


Your Gear Talk will last approximately one hour – you talk (ask questions, describe your technical challenges)  and we listen and take notes.

After our talk, Coastal Insights will prepare a summary of our discussion, a list of issues to be resolved and provide any recommendations that we have for you. Typically, we spend about 2-3 hours researching and documenting our results and we try to get back to you in a couple of days.



Book a Gear Talk with Malcolm.

Malcolm Ryan has been the primary equipment Purchaser for Coastal Insights since 2015 and has helped us make hardware purchasing decisions for laptops, desktops, webcams, headphones, mics, interfaces, internet service providers, routers, TVs, smart phones and cellular usage plans.

He has considerable customer service experience from London Drugs where he provided recommendations on computers and peripherals, TVs, sound systems and cameras. Malcolm has also spec’d, delivered, installed and configured AV systems for customers.

Malcolm is an active Storm Chaser and has a well-subscribed Adventure Channel on Youtube.

Meeting date and time details will be worked out shortly after you place your order.