Tech Talk – virtual meeting


Your Tech Talk will last approximately one hour – you talk (ask questions, describe your technical challenges) and we listen and take notes.

After our talk, Coastal Insights will prepare a summary of the discussion, a list of issues to be resolved and provide any recommendations that we have for you. Typically, we spend about 2-3 hours researching and documenting our results and we try to get back to you in a couple of days.



Book Brenda for a Tech Talk by phone.

Brenda launched Coastal Insights in 2008 and has been providing IT solutions and services to corporations, organizations, non-profits and individuals since incorporation. She brings to her clients and projects a creative mindset (from her background in professional Theatre) and a deep and diverse technical skill set developed over 20+ years in Information Technology.

Brenda is also an entrepreneur and as such, she has a soft spot for helping individuals kick off their side hustles. She has two side hustles on the go currently: and plus a few more “in the hopper”. Note that Brenda’s expertise is software, process definition and business analysis. For hardware/gear support, connect with Malcolm.

Meeting date and time details will be worked out shortly after you place your order.